X-TEND wirenet
X-TEND wire mesh

Years back, Carl Stahl Architektur developed an innovative system of stainless-steel cable mesh for construction, which combines beautiful design and safety: X-TEND.

The X-TEND mesh is constructed by high quality and sturdy steel cables (material: AISI316). These are connected by a special method, where either tinned (type CX) or stainless (type CXE or CXS) ferrules are used. This method creates a strong, yet flexible structure, which can be used for two- and three-dimensional designs, that are partially transparent and allows sunlight. The X-TEND cable mesh maintains its shape and structure and requires a minimum of maintenance throughout its lifetime.

The possibilities and applications of the cable mesh are endless both in-and outdoors – it can be used as balustrade fill-ins, horizontal and vertical fall protection, wall cladding, greenery systems or just as a flexible design element.

X-TEND can also be used for beautiful and architectural animal enclosures in zoos, whether it is a lightweight aviary for birds or a big-cat enclosure. The enclosures can be built in three-dimensional and curved shapes, so only the imagination sets the limit.

The X-TEND cable mesh can change its appearance according to the mesh size, inflow of light and perspective. X-TEND emits different reflections and expressions, which results in a fascinating interplay between the transparent and slightly colored surface. The X-TEND wire mesh also have a high tensile strength, which makes it possible to combine safety aspects with beautiful architectural statements.

We are at your service for both consultancy and installation, and we are happy to help you find the right solution based on the field of application, dimensions and requirements to the design.

You can read more about X-TEND and all the other creative steel cable solutions at our Carl Stahl Architektur website or in our X-TEND brochure.