Leasing service

At Carl Stahl A/S we also offer rental of lifting equipment.

In some cases, it may be more cost efficient to rent lifting equipment rather than buying it. Renting lifting equipment may be a more suitable solution for projects with short timeframes or light construction and montage tasks, where the equipment will have no use afterwards.

Renting lifting equipment has many advantages, and when you choose to rent from us, you will always receive quality equipment, which is ready to use, fully tested and with the right documentation. You don’t have to worry about the mandatory inspection every year or the correct documentation on the equipment either, because this is our responsibility. Furthermore, you are ensured professional and competent consultancy from our specialists.

When you choose to rent lifting equipment from us, you can be certain that you only pay for the amount of time you actually rent the equipment, and if you wish to buy the equipment at a later point, you get a discount on the products. See terms and conditions for rental (in Danish).

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to download and print the user manuals for the products, so we have equipped all our products with a QR code, which can be scanned with your mobile phone. This QR code will forward you to our website, where all the user manuals are available digitally.

At Carl Stahl A/S you can rent equipment such as manual hoists, electric hoists, hydraulic tools, transport equipment and much more. We continue to develop our basic assortment of rental equipment, and should you have a project where this assortment doesn’t suffice, we are able to help you find the right solution anyway.

See our terms and conditions for rental (in Danish) or download the brochure about our rental service. For further information please contact our sales department by phone +45 76 24 02 34 or by e-mail info@carlstahl.dk 

Products and brands in our rental department: 

Eletric hoists

Chain hoists

Lever hoists

Lifting chains and shackles

Lifting magnets

Roundsling and lifting straps 

Hydraulics and transport equipment