At Carl Stahl A/S we carry a wide assortment of cranes, and here you are certain to find the right solution without breaking the bank. You’ll find a small selection of our assortment below.

Light crane systems in aluminum

A crane system in aluminum is a flexible system, as it consists of standard components which can be constructed and modified according to your individual needs. A crane system in aluminum is suited for lighter loads up to 1.000 kg. The crane system is ergonomic and easy running.

Before planning and designing the crane system, the following must be considered:

  • How much weight does the crane system need to carry (WLL)?
  • Which load bearing construction should the crane system be mounted to?
  • Does the load bearing construction have the necessary strength?
  • Does the crane system need to be lowered further from the ceiling?
  • Dimensions of the crane system, length and width?
  • Amount of suspension points according to span and load?
  • Which type of hoist is to be used, manual or electric?
  • If electric, 230 V or 400 V?

Our assortment of crane systems in aluminum includes:

  • Light crane system with single girder
  • Light crane system with raised single girder
  • Light crane system with double girder
  • Light crane system with raised double girder
Aluminum cranes
Wall and pillar Jib cranes

We also carry the complete range of Jib cranes from Donati, which includes both wall and pillar cranes with manual or electric rotation. The lifting capacity of the Jib cranes ranges from 63 kg and up to 10.000 kg.

Our assortment of Jib cranes includes:

  • Pillar Jib cranes
  • Wall Jib cranes
  • Jib cranes with articulated arm
  • Pillar Jib cranes with motorized rotation
  • Custom solutions
  • Liftket electric hoists
Donati cranes
SWF Blackline overhead cranes and hoists

The German company SWF Krantechnic has developed the Blackline-series, which consists of overhead bridge cranes and wire rope hoists. With the Blackline-series you have the opportunity to design the crane according to your needs, as it is constructed by using different standard components. SWF has developed these components though outstanding technology in order to meet even the highest demands to strength, safety, performance, and long lifespan.

The Blackline-series offers you the possibility of obtaining an affordable overhead bridge crane, which is also custom-tailored to your specific needs. The Blackline-series also include the NOVA Blackline wire rope hoists, which are extremely strong, easy to use and maintain.

The Blackline-series includes:

  • Single girder overhead bridge crane up to 12.5 ton
  • Double girder overhead bridge crane up to 20 ton
  • NOVA Blackline hoists and CraneKit.
SWF Blackline cranes
NOVA Silverline electric wire rope hoists

Our assortment of products from SWF Krantechnic also includes the Nova-series of electric wire rope hoists, with capacities up to 80 ton (depending on model). The Nova wire rope hoists are very compact, have a low headroom and come in many different dimensions, which makes them easy to install in narrow places. This ensures optimum utilization of space and helps reduce the installation costs.

The Nova wire rope hoists are also very safe to use, as they lift steadily with a minimum of load swinging and lateral hook movement, which ensures a stable and secure handling. The wire hoists are designed with focus on cost effectiveness and minimum maintenance, which is also indicated by the big wire drum that helps protect the wire against wear and tear.

The Nova wire rope hoists are available for both single and double girder overhead bridge cranes.

NOVA-silverline wire hoists
Crane service

All our service technicians are/will be certified and educated by the Danish Crane association “Kranbranchen”. We inspect and service all makes and models of hoists and cranes in accordance to the provider’s directions and current legislation.

Break downs can be costly and it may be a good idea to sign a service agreement, which includes multiple service visits rather than only the mandatory, to ensure effective and regular maintenance which helps prolong the hoist’s or crane’s lifespan.

Read more about our service agreement here.

When you choose us as your supplier, we offer free access to our CS-portal. The CS-portal is a web-based system for registering and storing information about equipment that may need reports, certificates or traceability. With the system, you’re able to store information about all your equipment, whether if you have bought it through us or another supplier.

You can read more about the CS-portal in our brochure.

Crane service CS portal