At Carl Stahl A/S we have developed Chipster, which is a unique product for identification of lifting equipment, heavy machinery, cranes e.g.

Chipster is small, easy to install and very durable. The chip contains a unique 16-digit code, which follows the entity throughout its lifetime. You simply install the cable tie onto your product, adjust the length by cutting and hereafter you can scan and see the unique 16-digit code.

By using Chipster, you avoid that your labeling is lost, broken or becomes unreadable, because the material withstands many influences, as it is UV and weather resistant. Chipster is also resistant to most oils and certain acids and can be scanned even through dirt. The material is tear resistant and can be used in temperatures from -30°C and up to +150°C.

Chipster uses RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). It works by a transponder (a tag) which is located in the head of the cable tie. The information in this transponder can be read by a scanner without contact. The reading of Chipster requires a reading device (wireless or USB), which can be purchased through Carl Stahl. Many of Carl Stahl’s products are labelled with this technology.

There are many other solutions within RFID labelling besides Chipster. Contact us for further information.

See datasheet here: Chipster